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Prayash Technology” is a Private Limited Company. “Prayash Technology” is an initiative to provide a wholesome service on Hygiene products. Our company Hygiene products brand name is “STEPSFREE”. Not only for the present but years to come we will give our endeavor to supply genuine and reliable products to mankind. Our company “Prayash technology” has come forward with “STEPSFREE” products that will help human to safeguard against harmful Virus and bacteria. Mainly during this pandemic situation (Covid-19) the two persons build as funder of our company come to help our society and economically. Both of the striking person who build up the “Prayash Technology”. Names are Mr. Amalesh Ghosh and Miss. Nivedita Ghosh.

“Prayash Technology” has stretched its hand to stay beside the common people and help them to overcome the situation with their products “STEPSFREE”. We have aimed to protected and how to fight germs and person unhealthy condition as well as how to maintain yourself. Our “STEPSFREE” products are 1. Masks, 2. Instanced hand rub alcohol base, 3. Hand Wash, 4. Vegetable Cleaner solution, 5. Home and Commercial Disinfected solution, 6. Floor Cleaner will become the protector and shield of common people to kill any kind of germs.

Our products are reliable and have provide to be effective, as there tested personally as well as laboratory tested. Our company have also providing for earning of few unemployed youth during this pandemic situation when people are losing their jobs. “STEPSFREE” used all row material, which are human friendly.

Ours company is a totally Indigenous company. We are committed for service of mankind. To prove our self we need co-operation from all the section of the society and help us to go ahead and promote our products to boost the economy of our own country. Our aim is to provide a dedication and devoted service to humanity and prove the superiority of indigenous proud our foreign products.

The founder and builder of “Prayash Technology” is Mr. Amalesh Ghosh and Miss. Nivedita Ghosh. Mr. Amalesh Ghosh has experience and skill on food products for many years. Therefore, he has proper idea and experience about personal hygiene, hygiene products and how protect people from Virus and Bacteria. He had done special personal hygiene course from Scotland. 15years he had stay at abroad as a manager in food Products Company. Other funder and builder Miss. Nivedita Ghosh fully support physically and economically to build the company. She had experience system and marketing.  

MIC Lic – WB 1590006608