From any kinds of harmful Virus, Bacteria and Fungus.

“Prayash Technology” products brand name is “STEPSFREE“. In this context “Prayash Technology” a small company gave a birth whose aim is to reduce your chances of being infected or spreading Covid-19 by taking simple precautions. Not only ourselves, Society had to follow few rules to fight against this Virus. We have to keep our Hands, Face, Legs clean regularly and thoroughly with an alcohol based Hand Rub or wash them with anti-virus liquid soap and water. We should not touch any unknown material or person. But because of our lively hood we can’t keep our selves confined in our home all the time. To survive we had to go out of our town. In this condition what should we do? And what we should not do?

Many people of our country losted there earnings, few are defeated others are fighting against Corona. Today Covid-19 give a big hit on our economic structure. Surviving has become uncertain. Our rhythm of life imped and normal life disturbed. Propensity of committing suicide is growing in mind or the people due to of pandemic situation. In this condition, our company “Prayash Technology” stretch its hand to stay beside the common people and trying to help them to overcome the situation. So, with the effort and endeavor of two remarkable person or company “Prayash Technology” had built up to protect the common people against threatening Virus.

As of March -2020, the world is currently dealing with a global outbreak of Covid-19. WHO advised that this disease have the characteristics of a pandemic? This disease cause severe illness and spread easily from one person to the next. Thus at present situation the whole world is trembling due to the deadly Novel Coronavirus. Our country India is not able to away itself from the harmful Virus. This contaminate Virus as spreaded thought out our country rapidly. To prevent and to save ourselves  from this harmful Virus there is only one way open to us that by maintaining personal hygiene and social distancing.

Our purpose is not only protected the people but also teach them awareness how to take precaution against the Covid-19. Our own products Hand Sanitizer, Hand Wash, Face Mask, Floor Cleaner, Liquid Vegetable wash and Room Sanitizer will become the protector and shield of the people to defeat Corona. Our products is reliable and proved to be effective as we used and tested personally and laboratory tested before launching in the market. Along with this, our company had paved the way for earning of few people in this critical economic condition. The raw material and chemical, which are used in the products, are not harmful for human skin at all.

In this context, we are bounded and committed for the service of mankind. The blessings of the people help us to go-ahead and promote our will power to save and promote human life and to reduce loss of our country economy. Our aim is to dedicate ourselves devotedly for the service of humanity and not to ditch or harm them.